Allan Cameron

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Born in Watford in 1952, Allan Cameron was brought up in Nigeria and Bangladesh. Having left school at sixteen, he worked at sea for a few years before moving to Italy in his late teens, where he had a variety of jobs. At the age of 31 he went to university and, after graduating, worked in the same department he had studied in. In 1992 he moved to Scotland and worked as a translator (and has now translated some 25 books).

His first novel The Golden Menagerie was published by Luath Press in 2004, and this was followed up in 2005 by The Berlusconi Bonus (also Luath Press), which was translated into Italian and published by Azimut in Rome. Since then Vagabond Voices has republished The Berlusconi Bonus in addition to several others: In Praise of the Garrulous, among the publisher’s series of “Rants”, a selection of poetry entitled Presbyopia, and two collections of short stories, Can the Gods Cry? and On the Heroism of Mortals.

His collection of aphorisms and essays, Things Written Randomly in Doubt, has just been published (19 May 2014). It argues that only the class distinction is a necessary division within humanity, but does not argue it from an economic point of view. Inequality comodifies and degrades our human relationships, which should be based on dialogue (the acceptance of the other’s autonomy). Other distinctions should not be dangerous (though the powerful often deflect class issues by aggravating them) and can enhance each other. One essay is a defence of religion and another two examine how nationalism is evolving and becoming to the aid of internationalism rather than subverting it. Arguments and counterarguments abound, and the primary intention is to provoke further debate.



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