On the Heroism of Mortals

by Allan Cameron

Number of pages: 192
ISBN: 9781908251084
Dimensions: 21.0 x 14.0 x 1.3 cm
RRP: £8.95


This is a collection of eleven short stories whose common theme is the heroism of our flawed lives. It explores the arduousness of people’s lives and covers such diverse subjects as human solidarity, generational change, single parenthood, domestic violence, the tragic complexity of revolution, police brutality, artistic hubris, and the limitations of rationalism. In “The Hat”, a polish Jew on the run in Eastern Europe goes down to a town in search for food and, noticing the large number of German soldiers on patrol, hides himself in a funeral procession. But he stands out as the only mourner without a hat. As he walks along, another man places his hat on the fugitive’s head: an example of man’s humanity to man.  In “Living with the Polish Count”, the young Soviet Republic struggles to keep foreign and reactionary forces at bay and in so doing loses the morality that initially inspired them.  In “The Selfish Geneticist”, lunch in a smart restaurant exposes the rift between two academics, both dogmatic and contemptuous of others, but one more strictly rational and the other more influenced by his human emotions.





“In this collection of short stories, Allan Cameron focuses on the clash of ideas and perspectives, from the domestic to the world-changing. … Where do we draw the line between mere difference of opinion and complete detachment from reality? On the Heroism of Mortals is buzzing with questions like these, a stimulating, restlessly intelligent collection.” The Herald


Vagabond Voices acknowledges the funding provided by Creative Scotland towards the publication of this book.