2 Books: Aliyyah & Redlegs

2 Books: Aliyyah & Redlegs

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Buy Chris Dolan's Arabian Nights-inspired Aliyyah and his powerful Barbadian tale, Redlegs, together and save. 

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Reviews for Aliyyah

“Exquisite. Beyond the horror and hatred of war we find a love story that questions what we owe to the past and what we leave for the future. It asks the nature of Faith and whether, in some form or another, we need it to get through our day. Read this book in one go. It has a mysterious, dream-like quality to it and, as always with Chris Dolan, a deep-rooted humanity shines through his wonderful, elegant prose.” — David Hayman

"An Arabian tale with a Scottish accent. ... The cover and illustrations by Mark Mechan are superb. The writing is similarly deft and confidently drawn. It is also a genuine Arabian tale in that it will resonate with those who consumed such tales in childhood. Dolan was such a boy and he has an affection for the form that does not restrain him from tampering with it mischievously but to extraordinary effect. ... There is also a duality at the heart of the book that pays tribute to Robert Louis Stevenson. Aliyyah is inspired by an RLS story, Olalla, but it has a resonance too with The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde. There is good and evil at every turn in Aliyyah. ... All this is contained in about 120 pages, including illustrations and acknowledgements. It is some trick. Bring on the sonnet snake-charming." — Hugh MacDonald, The Herald Scotland

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Reviews for Redlegs

Redlegs cover

"[Redlegs is] an engrossing and compelling novel. The picture of island life is vivid, the characterisation of the principal personages convincing, the elaboration of the narrative moving. As in many really good novels, there are small scenes which stick in the memory ..." — The Scotsman

"Dolan expertly captures the overpowering heat of the island and — Roseneythe being a hard place to live piously — the earthiness and resilience of the Scots women transplanted to another continent, never to see their homes again. And he’s done it in beautiful, rich prose that evokes a place, a sense of time and the beat of Elspeth Baillie’s heart." — Sunday Herald

"This is a powerful, disturbing tale, written with scrupulous care both for words and their hidden meanings, as well as for the history of men and women forced to live and work for a doomed, immoral cause." — Lesley McDowell, The Independent

"Dolan took 21 years to complete this novel, and though obviously not all of that time was spent writing it, the care and attention brought to it shows. The amount of research put in to it adds to the book’s quality, but whilst this research is important, it would all be for nothing if it didn’t back up a compelling tale. Dolan tells such a tale, and does so extremely well." — John Inglis, The Skinny

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