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Passion, Cynicism & Rebellion: a Conversation with Allan Cameron

With a Scottish professor of politics as his guide, a London-based Italian journalist named Cinico traverses Scotland seeking a “big story” on the independence referendum. What he gets instead are small stories from myriad points of view: a Ukrainian nationalist, a Russian religious guru, an eccentric Estonian, an Algerian and a dying man, amongst many others. Beyond exploring Scotland’s political scene and its place in Europe, Cinico’s stories examine how Europeans interpret each other and, more generally, how people interrelate within a social context. 

Allan Cameron will explore the themes of passion, cynicism and rebellion in politics through the lens of political writing and his satirical novel, Cinico: Travels with a Good Professor at the Time of the Scottish Referendum

The event, hosted at the cosy, colourful Waterstones Byres (on Byres Road in Glasgow), will include readings and a Q&A. Stick around afterwards for complimentary drinks and a book signing.

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