Sapphos with Quill

Areas of interest

Vagabond Voices is always pleased to receive submissions, but if they are outside our areas of interest, there is little point in sending them in. We are a reasonably eclectic organisation and these are the kinds of books we publish: 

- Literary novels or, in case that sounds too exclusive, novels that aren’t primarily genre. We’re unlikely to be interested in, say, crime novels, which would be better served by a larger organisation with greater marketing muscle. However, an unusual novel with little hope of acceptance by the larger publishers but an element of crime could be of interest to us. Novels are our main area of interest.

- Short stories

- Poetry

- Polemical works, mainly political and social themes

- Some academic works concerning the humanities, particularly when they challenge current academic certainties and are having difficulty in getting published.

- Autobiographies, but generally only if they are written by intellectuals and people working the arts, and concentrate mainly on the development of the author’s ideas and professional work.

- Translated works, but these are generally not the result of unsolicited submissions, and it is probably best to ignore this category here.

How to submit

Vagabond Voices accepts unsolicited manuscripts, and our submissions window is perpetually open. To submit your manuscript, please send us an email at and include the following: a covering letter, a detailed plot summary and a short sample (roughly 5,000 words). We would prefer that you do not send in paper submissions at this stage.  

What you can expect

Vagabond Voices is a very small organisation with limited resources. Please don't contact us about your manuscript for at least six months, as it takes us time to work through the submissions. We try to respond as soon as we can, but we are working to meet deadlines for our current publications, which means that we generally only get to look at submissions once or twice a year. By all means, submit your work to other publishers at the same time (and if one does decide to publish your work, we'd be most grateful for an update!).