In the Freethinker's Footsteps

Welcome to In the Freethinker's Footsteps! Heather Richardson's historical novel, Doubting Thomas, is a tale of sex, drugs and religion in late 17th C Edinburgh, inspired by the true story of Thomas Aikenhead, the last man in Britain to be executed for blasphemy. 

Delve into Edinburgh's fascinating, dark past with our interactive map, library of dangerous books and freethinkers' podcast!

The Edinburgh of Doubting Thomas


Love our map? Register for a live tour of Thomas Aikenhead's Edinburgh given by Doubting Thomas author Heather Richardson here. The tour will take place on 27 November. It's free but you do need to register as space is limited.


The map: Plan of the city and castle of Edinburgh / by Willm. Edgar architect anno 1765. Reproduced by permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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