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Helen Lamb and Three Kinds of Kissing

The subtle spellbinding strength of Helen’s writing comes from an intuitive, keenly felt sense of what makes human lives so special, and sometimes so messy and difficult. Helen knew that what doesn’t get talked about, what lies behind a look or a glance, is what really matters. This unswerving commitment to the “truth” of her characters runs through Three Kinds of Kissing. The story of Grace and Olive, and of the secret that binds them together and tears them apart, may be a work of fiction but it is unwaveringly honest. Chris Powici, writer and former partner of the late Helen Lamb, discusses Lamb’s writing process and interests.

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Why Do We Need Translated Literature?

Why should you read a translated novel, when there are so many good ones written in English? Surely a translation is never as good as the original? Who benefits most from translated literature? In this blog post Vagabond founder Allan Cameron explores these questions and also discusses the precarious position of small publishers of translated literary fiction.

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