Chris Dolan Double Bill: The Pitiless Storm & The Cause of Thunder

Chris Dolan Double Bill: The Pitiless Storm & The Cause of Thunder

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by Chris Dolan

Pages: 100
ISBN: 978-1-908251-77-0
Dimensions: 198 x 130
Publication: 23 January 2017


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Chris Dolan has written two monologues for actor David Hayman: The Pitiless Storm and its follow-up, The Cause of Thunder

About The Cause of Thunder (from the Tron Theatre website):

"A funny thing happened on the way to the pub… Bob Cunningham thought he saw a man ascend into the sky.

"It’s two years after the referendum, and Bob Cunningham has stuff on his mind: whether or not to take early retirement; politics, of course, and what to do about the No vote, Brexit, Corbyn, refugees… that weird thing about rising into the heavens… and not forgetting the letter from Ethel, his ex.

"It puts him in storytelling mood -- Bob’s one of life’s raconteurs -- all the while trying to decide what to do about retirement and the onset of old age, and whether his life’s work is done. Is he finished? Can he come to terms with his, and his country’s, past, and future?"

About The Pitiless Storm (from

"On the eve of the Scottish referendum on the most important night of his life a left wing trade unionist goes through a crisis of conscience as he is forced to question his political and moral beliefs in the face of a sea-change in his country’s political life."Loved and respected Bob Cunningham  (David Hayman) has devoted his life to the party he loves and believes in but in his mid-fifties he is forced by the voices of his past and his conscience to re-evaluate everything he has held dear."

From the Sunday Herald: "Hayman plays the conflict between pragmatic gradualist and radical socialist, egotist and altruist within Cunningham with an impressive sense of psychological and emotional meltdown. If you only see one monodrama or one show about Scotland’s referendum during this year’s Fringe, this play is a winner on both counts."

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