2 Books: Potter's Field & Lies of the Land

2 Books: Potter's Field & Lies of the Land

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Buy the first two books in Chris Dolan's Glasgow-based Maddy Shannon series: Potter's Field and Lies of the Land. The third book in the series, Mind over Matter, is due for publication in autumn 2017.

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Reviews for Potter's Field

Potter's Field Cover

“Following the tradition of McIlvanney, Dolan draws a hypnotic image of Glasgow as a city haunted by violence, beauty and the weight of its own history. A gorgeous new voice in Tartan Noir.” — Denise Mina

“Chris Dolan has turned his considerable talents to crime. The result is a wickedly good, page-turning classic cut through with literary bite.” — Louise Welsh

“Dolan hits the ground running, a lyrical and literate writer turning blunt and hard-boiled when the occasion demands, and setting up a momentum that carries this thriller through to its final act. ... Strong on both character and atmosphere, Potter’s Field casts an intelligent eye over a murky, labyrinthine world whose paths are strewn with red herrings. While it fits comfortably alongside Tartan noir, Dolan’s concerns and approach make it distinctively its own.” — The Herald

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Reviews for Lies of the Land

LOTL Cover

“Lies of the Land is utterly engrossing. Maddy is engagingly sexy and beautifully flawed. The characters are utterly believable and rooted in their cultures and class. Had me hooked right until the end. A humdinger of a story with Glasgow at its heart.” — David Hayman

"This is versatile Scottish writer Chris Dolan's second crime novel — the first, Potter's Field, also featured Maddy Shannon. It's fair to say it didn't take him long to get the hang of it. The action moves at a decent clip and contains some neat surprises. ... There can't be many niches left in Tartan Noir but Dolan has found one. The strongest and most interesting personalities after Maddy are also women — two environmental activists from the east end. Gallus females dragging dullard males around Glasgow while trying to point them in the right direction may even be a metaphor for our times." — Harry McGrath, The Herald

"A sharply drawn heroine, brutal violence with a shot of dark humor — this is classic Tartan noir." — Publishers Weekly

"Glasgow is as much a character — and as contradictory a mix of light and dark — as Dolan's very human heroine in this complex sequel to Potter's Field." — Kirkus Reviews

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