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Cheers Govanhill

Cheers Govanhill is a semi-fictional blog about inner-city weirdness from Glasgow’s unruliest neighbourhood. Everything in it is true, although a lot of it might have been made up. The narrator laddie, Boy David, explains where to buy brontosaurus cutlets, how New York stole all its ideas from Govanhill and what gentrification means for the filthy habits of west of Scotland dead men. 

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Bookshop Day

In the age of fast food, digital downloads and instant gratification, the real allure of bookshops is the space to slow down. Entering a bookshop, rifling the shelves, and settling down between pages for however long is an act of trust; where you choose to lose yourself for a little while speaks volumes. Eloise Hendy talks bookshops and lists her Top 5.

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