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Libraries: Use Them Before We Lose Them

Some of my earliest childhood memories involve weekly visits to the library with my mum. I dreamed of being like Matilda in the movie scene when she leaves her library pulling a small trailer full of books. “You can only take out eight books at once?” I’d asked the librarian in surprise, convinced I’d run out in the next day or two. When aged eight and asked what I disliked the most for my school yearbook page, I answered, “Running out of books from the library.” I suppose it’s safe to say I was obsessed with the library from an early age, and I’m entirely convinced this contributed to a lifelong love of books.

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Reading the Seasons

For me, reading has always had a synaesthetic quality. Just as some people can taste music or feel smells like a sensation on their skin, I experience books through the colours and properties of seasons. … Perhaps you don’t have this problem. Actually, I hope you don’t. It’s annoying, inconvenient and leaves piles of books scattered around my room waiting for the perfect moment to be read. However, if you recognise this pattern in your own reading life, then here are my suggestions (both practical and emotional) on how to read for the seasons. 

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