Vagabond titles are literary works in original English. Novelists do not always resemble vagabonds literally (although m any do), but like vagabonds, they are itinerant always in their minds and often geographically too. They move quickly across a landscape, recording it, examining it and often misunderstanding it, because it is not the job of the novelist to utter the final truth on anything, but rather to go in search of small truths while leaving some work for their creative partners: the readers. View all of our Vagabonds titles.


Changelings is a series devoted solely to translated titles. A Changeling is not the original child or creation; it has the same appearance, but speaks a different language. And the act of substitution involves a certain magic, a degree of pushing and shoving. View all of our Changelings titles.


Chambers Dictionary defines "rant" as "an empty declamation" (which we will avoid), "bombast", "a tirade" (most certainly), and in Scots "a noisy frolic" (why not, as there is no reason why loud and passionate political argument should not be mixed with humour and merriment). That great tradition of pamphleteering in the English-speaking world is one that we should be proud of, and one we seek to revive. View all of our Rants titles. 


The planning and editing of this series is wholly the work of Vagabond Voices' poetry editor, Colin Waters, spokesperson for the Scottish Poetry Library as well as a long-experienced literary journalist. Waters produces two to three poetry titles for Vagabond each year, some of which are collections by single established poets and others which feature the works of three or more up-and-coming poets, usually connected by similar themes. View all of our Poetry titles.


Our latest imprint is dedicated to plays. 


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